Silver Valley Brewing Co (Under Construction) – Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge now has a third brewery in the works.  This new brewery will be known as Silver Valley Brewing Co.

Thanks to Silver Valley for this photo.

Located only a short drive from the other two breweries this is shaping up to make a brewing district in Maple Ridge.

The following are photos of their current state of construction.

Photo one is from the brewery looking back towards the tasting room.  To the right hand side of the photo you will find a bar along the far right wall as well as tables.  The bar will be on the left.  Photo two is from the lounge looking towards the bar.  The bar will wrap around the cold room that has been framed up in the foreground.  To the right side of the photo you will find the bar and the growler filling station.  Wrapped around the left hand side of the cold room will be the food prep station.  They will be panini sandwiches.  The third photo is from the tasting room looking back towards the brewery itself.  In the 4th photo along the right wall you will find the washrooms.  The 5th photo is of the cold room behind the bar.  Photo 6 is of the elevated slab where the brew house and fermentors will be located.  The last photo is of the same area with more detail.  Behind the brewery will be an office.  In the back right of the photo there will be a large door for deliveries.

This is an exciting new Nano Brewery coming to BC and if you want to try out their beer right now you can head over to Ridge Brewing and try their Collaboration The Lion ESB.  I had a quick sample and it was really easy drinking and refreshing.

Keep your eyes here for more updates.

Silver Valley Brewing
Silver Valley Facebook
104-11952 224th Street
Maple Ridge, BC

Beere Brewing Company (Under Construction) – North Vancouver

I spend a lot of time in breweries and especially in breweries that are under construction.  My interest comes from the fact that I work in the structural engineering field.  Even with the craft beer blog and working in engineering this is only the second time in 10 years that I have actually worked on a brewery project.

Beere Brewing Company is located on Esplanade in the Southern portion of North Vancouver.  Beere Brewing will be found beneath the affiliated Beere Timber Company.

Along the front wall the footings are being beefed up so that the front wall of the masonry building can be upgraded to have new large overhead doors as can be seen in the first photo.  The second photo is located on the left side of the building from the street and will be the location of the tasting room at the front.  At the back of that photo there will be a bank of fermentors.   Photo three is on the right side of the building and will house the brew house at the back and storage at the front.  Photo three is of the slab cut out for the new enterance for Beer Timber Company.  Photo 5 is on the right hand side of the building and shows a mix of original and new framing (renovations of buildings can be interesting).  Photo 6 is from the right side of the building standing right where the brew house will be located looking to the fermentor tank farm.  The framing on the left side will be the cooler.

I really look forward to watching this old space transform into a brewery!  It doesn’t get much better than when your full time job blurs into your craft beer blog.  If you need a Structural Engineer for your brewery project take a good look at Weiler Smith Bowers.

Beere Brewing Company
Beere Brewing Facebook
312 Esplanade E
North Vancouver
British Columbia, BC V7L 1A4

Dageraad Brewing (Expansion Continues) – Burnaby BC

Things are slowly coming along with the expansion of Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby.  The following photos are of the expansion.

The first photo is looking back towards the brewing space from the current tasting room.  At the far back right there used to be a cooler that has now been removed to make more room on the brewery side as it has been moved into the new unit next door.  The second photo is of the finished floor at the new bar location.  It is all ready for the bar to be built.  The last two photos are of the mezzanine that has been upgraded and seems to be ready to have the drywall and finishing touches added.  Things should start picking up here now.

Hopefully next time I write there will be more to share but I thought it worth sharing that things are moving along.

Dageraad Brewing
#114 3191 Thunderbird Crescent
604 420 2050
Burnaby BC
V5A 3G1

Andina Brewing Company (Construction Update) – Vancouver

Back in January I stopped into Andina Brewing to check out their space while they were in the middle of their demolition.  Now it is October and things have really started to heat up.  Their tasting lounge construction is under way and their tanks have arrived and are currently being hooked up.

Andres and Nicolas Amaya Colombian ex-pats and their family have teamed up to open this brewery.  They look to combine both South American and Canadian Flavours.

Lets start by looking at the tasting lounge.  The main doorway will be located on the side of the building as seen in the first photo from inside.  The second photo shows the whole bar area of the brewery.  To the right of the partially framed bar where there is not flooring you will find the main door.  On that side of the bar you will be able to get your growler fills and in the future other take out beer.  When you head around the bar you will find the lounge.  The third photo shows more of the right hand side of the bar.  Photo 4 is the wall behind the bar where all of the taps will be located.  Photo 5 is of the lounge area where the seating will be located.  Behind the taps in photo 4 you will find the cold storage for the kegs serving the tasting lounge as seen in photo 6.  The last photo is where a window will be located that will show you into the brewing space.

While the tasting room is still in its early stages the brewery is starting to take shape a bit quicker.  Photo 1 is of their grain mill that is still packaged up waiting to be setup.  The next two photos are of the brewhouse that is being set up currently.  Photos 4-6 show different views of their 4 fermentors and one brite tank.  The 5th photo shows just how much room they have for expansion in the future if you look closely.  Photo 7 is of their brite tank.  Photo 8 is of their boiler hidden behind the brewhouse.  Photo 9 is of the frementors from their test batch system that is currently being used to perfect their recipes.

Andina Brewing is hoping to open by the end of December.  My fingers are crossed that this is the case as the brewery is not just looking great so far but their test batches are tasting good also.

Andina Brewing Company
1507 Powell Street,

A Frame Brewing (Construction Update #4) – Squamish

Last time I was able to stop into A Frame Brewing in Squamish was back in late April 2016.  Things have really started to ramp up now!  Last time they had roughly framed in most of the walls as well as had many trenches in the slab.  The slab is now poured and the walls are almost finished.


The lounge area is really coming together now.  The bar area is shaping up as can partially be seen in the first photo.  To the left of the first photo where you can see some tanks there will be a showcase for merchandise.  The second photo is of where the seating area will be located.  What can barley be seen on the left hand side of the second photo is more prominent in the third photo.  There is a signature wall with their Logo on the wall.

The brewery itself is tightly fit in the back of the building.   The brew house backs on the wall that will house the merchandise showcase.  On the opposite side there are 4 fermentors as can be seen in the second photo.  The third photo is of the grain mill room.  Due to limited space they hid a rolling staircase to get up into the grain room.

They hope to be brewing on their system asap and once that happens the wait time to opening will be coming soon after.

A Frame Brewing
38927 Queens Way