Granville Island Brewing – Hey Day Hefeweizen


Vancouver’s Granville Island Brewing has, in it’s Under the Bridge Series, the Hey Day Hefeweizen.

Not super cloudy, I can see shapes on the otherside but it is cloudy enough that I feel like it is a Hefeweizen.  It is a pleasant orange-gold colour with a startlingly white head.

There is a nice grassy aroma from the beer, a little bit of hay and a hint of banana.  A little bit of spice comes out if you swirl the beer.

Banana is at the forefront of the flavours up against a dryness that makes the banana nice rather than cloying.  There are some nice clove and allspice notes underneath the main flavour.  The carbonation is a bit prickly, you can feel it going down in a satisfying way.

Maple Shack Cream Ale – Granville Island Brewing

From Granville Island Brewing out of Vancouver comes their new “Maple Shack Cream Ale” the last in their new Under the Bridge Series.  Like all of their small bottle beers this one is produced by their parent company. The beer pours a deep amber colour with a tan head.  The aroma consists of malts, toffee and maybe some maple.  The flavour is of malts, caramel, earth, maple with little to no hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 19.  This beer is by no means ground breaking but for an entry level craft beer its well worth a pick up.

Commercial Description:  This malty, smooth maple cream ale has a hint of maple syrup, with a mild hop bitterness. It’s a tribute to both Quebec’s legendary sugar shacks, and the tin roofs that littered this island back in the day. Big saps welcome. Get Under the Bridge.

Food pairing as per brewery:  It’s roasted. Caramel malt flavours go well with all kinds of roasted meat flavours. Perfect pairings: Roast beef or BBQ ribs.


Infamous IPA – Granville Island Brewing

From Granville Island Brewing out of Vancouver comes their new “Infamous IPA” the last in their new Under the Bridge Series.  This series has been created to celebrate the breweries 30th anniversary.  This new recipe was created by the brewmaster Vern Lambourne from the Granville Island location but brewed by the parent company Molson.  The beer pours a copper colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of floral hops, fruity melons and some malts.  The flavour hops bitterness, sweet melons and citrus, grapefruit, malts and mild earth.  The alcohol content comes in at 6% with an IBU of 55.  When it comes to Granville Island Brewing’s standard releases this is at the top of the heap for sure.

Commercial Description:  Granville Island wasn’t always pretty parks and public markets. This place has a tough, gritty past; firetrap factories, shadowy characters, dark dockside tales. A bitter start, and a bright finish – sound familiar? Our-well hopped IPA is a homage to this patchy history, with plenty of Pacific Northwest personality.

Food pairings as per brewery:  Bitterness compliments spicy, fried flavours like curry.  Crispy Ling-Cod Bites, Spiced Lamb Shank with Coconut Lime Basmati, Thai Mussels.

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