SunSetter Summer Ale – Stanley Park Brewery

From Stanley Park Brewery (Turning Point Brewery) in Delta BC comes their “SunSetter Summer Ale” an unfiltered Peach Wheat Ale.  I have had this beer both from a glass and from the bottle and I think I am about to break my own rules.  The beer pours a golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of peach wheat and yeast.  Where things get a little funky is the flavour for me (in an interesting way).  When you drink the beer from a glass you get wheat, yeast, grain and some very mild peach.  Now in comparison when you drink it out of the bottle the peach flavour hits you up right up front with notes of wheat yeast and grain coming in at the end.  I am a huge advocate for drinking from a glass but this beer seems to have more peach in the flavour when consumed from the bottle.  Also drink it fairly cold (but not ice cold) as it seems to shine through better.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.8% with an IBU of 16.  This is a tasty beer to be drinking on the patio in the summer!

Commercial Description:  Make a ‘magic hour’ moment with our new Summer Ale. Ripe peach flavour and bold Citra hops come together for a refreshing & sessionable wheat ale that’s as much a treat for the senses as a sunset walk on Second Beach. Enjoy the moment!

Food Pairing as per brewery:  Peach Caprese salad, SunSetter steamed clams, grilled peach & pork tenderloin
Food Pairing as per me:  Fuzzy Peaches candies!


On June 25th, 2015 Stanley Park Brewing held a launch party in English Bay on the Rooftop Lookout beside the Cactus Club.  The party was a closed event for media, bloggers and restaurant staff to learn about the beer.  The event had some great food to sample while drinking the Sunsetter Summer Ale.  They also had a bunch of their other beer for sample on tap as well as some beer cocktails to try out.

Full sized photos found here.

Boneshaker Unfiltered India Pale Ale – Amsterdam Brewery

From Toronto’s Amsterdam Brewery comes their “Boneshaker Unfiltered India Pale Ale” a beer that was originally just an experiment.  The beer pours a cloudy orange copper colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of malts, caramel and floral hops.  The flavour is of sweet caramel, malts, citrus, hops bitterness and pine.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.1% with an IBU of 65.  The beer is low on the IBU compared to the West Coast Style IPA but it is still very flavourful.

Commercial Description:   It started as an experiment that asked the question: “Exactly how many hops could fit in a beer?” Well, the brewers at Amsterdam answered that question so well that Boneshaker IPA graduated to the brewery’s line-up of always available favourites. And the beer that answered that question so admirably? An unfiltered IPA born from a continuous hopping method that blends Amarillo hops with seven different malts to produce a large hop character not for the faint of heart.


Potts Pils (Unfiltered) – The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

The Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery out of Victoria have 4 standard beer in their lineup.  One of the 4 beer is the “Potts Pils (Unfiltered)” a full flavour pilsner.  The brew pours a light golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of grainy bready malts, citrus and grassy hops.  The flavour is of grassy hops up front with a bite and then grainy malts and citrus.  The alcohol content comes in at a respectable 5.2% and has an IBU of 38.  If I am to be drinking Pilsners then this beer would be up on my list of ones to pick up.

Commercial Description:  “I brewed this beer in the style of the great North German Pilsners.  38 IBUs of Saaz and Cascade hops shine right through the Bohemian malts resulting in a blend of herby, dry hop and citrus notes.  Unfiltered, decoction mashed, dry hopped and lagered for 5 weeks…  This aint your Fathers Pilsner.”  Clay Potter, MSc


La Trappe Tripel – Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven

From the Brewery Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven located at the O.L.V. Koningshoeven Abby in the Netherlands comes the “La Trappe Tripel” a Belgian Tripel.  This is the only Trappist brewery located outside of Belgium and only 1 or 7 in the world.  These Monks know their beer and laws have been passed to make sure only they can call their beer Trappist beer.  This beer pours a cloudy unfiltered amber colour with an off white head.  To the nose you will get a sweet yeasty aroma with apple, pear, candied sugar.  The flavor is complex with some apple, pear, banana, grapes with a strong yeasty character.  This beer is fairly sweet overall but not overpowering with no alcohol flavor what so ever.  This is one of my favorite Trappist Beers to date.  The beer comes in at an alcohol content of 8%.


Kellerbier (cask) – Red Truck Brewing

From Red Truck Brewing currently out of North Vancouver BC comes their casked “Kellerbier” a lager I would assume.  This casked beer was tasted at the BC Beer Awards and Harvest Cask Festival on October 13th, 2012.  Brewed by Dave Varga & Hamish McRae this beer pours a slightly cloudy lager yellow with a white head.  The beer had the aroma of sweet biscuit malts.  The flavor of the beer consisted of sweet biscuit malts as well as citrus and a light fruitiness.  This beer was a very tasty creating and came in at a 4.7% alcohol content.

BC Beer Awards 2012 / CAMRA’s Harvest Cask Festival – October 13th 2012