Sea Lion Watermelon Sour – Britannia Brewing Company (Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks) (O’hare’s Gastropub)

From Britannia Brewing Company in collaboration with Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks and O’hare’s Gastropub all in Richmond comes their “Sea Lion Watermelon Sour”.  The beer pours a golden yellow colour with a white head that dissipated quickly.  The aroma consists of some nondescript fruits with some mild tartness and a semi sweet finish.  The flavour is of tartness, maybe a hint of watermelon but more like cucumber probably coming from the peel of the watermelon with some vegetal flavours.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.5%.  I did enjoy this beer but it was a bit odd for a watermelon beer.  But watermelon must be a very tough ingredient to use.

Parallel 49 – Crane Kick Sorachi Ace Pilsner

From Vancouver’s Parallel 49 comes the Crane Kick Sorachi Ace Pilsner. The names comes from the use of Sorachi Ace Hops, known for both bittering and lemony, bubblegum and dill flavours, and Pilsner Malts, known light colour with a strong malt flavour.

The great look of this beer might trick you into thinking this is a wheat beer with a light clouding but the straw colour is pure pilsner. With a solid white head that persists very well this beer gets you at first glance.

The nose has a great grainy malt base, hinting at a slightly sweet backbone for this beer with a nice, light lemon aroma floating above it.

The flavours are extremely well balanced, bringing bitter hops, sweet malt, bitter lemon and sweet Meyer lemon all at once but without muddling. All of the flavours are very distinct despite hitting all at once. The tail is peasant bitter herbs with an almost celery vegetal quality. The mouth feel is light with fine carbonation.

I would pair this with moderately spicy food, strong cheese or a hearty stew dish.

A very good food beer and, for those that like high IBUs a good session beer.