Imperial Sour Flanders Red Ale – Storm Brewing

From Storm Brewing out of Vancouver BC comes the very interesting “Imperial Sour Flanders Red Ale” a Belgian sour style beer. Storm brewing is only available on tap locally and this pint was enjoyed at St Augustine’s pub on Commercial Drive. The beer pours a deep brownish red with a white head. In every way this beer packs a bloody punch! The aroma of this beer is of Sour fruits such as cherries, some spices and a real tartness. The flavor is intense with Sour fruits like cherry, some sweet undertones as well as a very tangy vinegary taste. The beer also has a woody taste that comes from aging the beer in Oak barrels for over a year! This beer sits at a very impressive 11% alcohol while being very easy to drink with little to no alcohol taste present.

If you are not an adventurous beer drinker avoid this beer as it will not be for you. If you like to live on the wild side though, buy a glass and take it a sip and savor the brew in all its glory!