Mandarin & Hops Get Fresh (WinterGlow IPA Launch) – Stanley Park Brewing

Stanley Park Brewing has launched their latest beer in the WinterGlow IPA.  For the launch they held an event at the Stanley Park Pavilion inside Stanley Park.


The event started at 6:30pm where they started us off with a bottle of WinterGlow.  For the first half hour we were treated to WinterGlow and a few other beers and a sample or two of a duck canape.

The WinterGlow IPA pours a golden colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of biscuit malts, mild hops and a hint of mandarin ornages.  The flavour is of Biscuit malts, mandarin orange rind, mild mandarin orange, citrus and hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.4% with an IBU of 55.  Don’t let the Mandarin oranges scare you as they add a nice note of orange while the IPA characteristics rule the day.


Once the welcome tasting was done everyone was welcomed into the dining hall.  Once everyone was seated we were treated to a family style beer dinner.  Share plates of each dish were set out on the table.  The dinner started with with two salads then followed with 5 entrees and one dessert.

Salad Courses

Watermelon Salad
Kalamata olives, pickled onion, mint, arugulaPaired with Noble Pislner

Broccoli & Grape Slaw
Cheddar, sour cream dressing
Paired with WinterGlow IPA


The Watermelon Salad and the Pilsner both were very light and refreshing.  The mild hops in the pilsner are a nice accent to the flavour of the salad.  The WinterGlow IPA had a nice earthiness that worked with the Broccoli Slaw but the hops bitterness was a bit of a off putting for the pairing.  The Pilsner seemed to be a better pairing for the group I was sitting with.

Once the salad course was done the entrees started to come.

BBQ Chicken Legs
burnt & sticky
Paired with Windstorm Pale Ale

Steelhead En Papillote
SPB Mandarin IPA, bergamot, lemon, dill
Paired with WinterGlow IPA

Roasted Baby Potatoes
sea salt, olive oil
Paired with Foghorn IBA

Paired with Noble Pilsner

winterglowlaunch-020 winterglowlaunch-021

Starting with the Chicken Leg the flavour was awesome!  The chicken was sweet and sticky and I found the Windstorm kind of got lost in the sweetness.  The WinterGlow on the other hand was a great pairing with the mandarin orange and the hops bitterness both complimenting the meat.  The Steelhead was tasty but mild.  The IPA was a bold pairing for a mild fish but it worked.  The Roasted Potatoes were the best pairing of all 4 entrees.  The root vegetable pairs amazingly with an earth beer like the Foghorn.  The final of the 4 was the Ratatouille that had a mild peppery note to the beer.  The mild hops bitterness helps to accentuate the pepper in the food.


Grapefruit Pana Cotta
pistachio crumble
Paired with Windtorm Pale Ale


The big grapefruit citrus in the dessert really matched up with the fruitiness of the Pale Ale.  I don’t usually get overly excited about desserts but this one was super tasty!

Stanley Park Brewing really knows how to throw a party!  I look forward to the next launch party they hold.  But until then make sure to pick up some of the WinterGlow IPA as it is quite tasty!

Parallel 49 Beer Master Dinner (Romer’s Burger Bar) – June 25, 2014

On June 25th, 2014 Romer’s Burger Bar held a followup beer dinner to the Unibroue dinner.  For the latest beer dinner Romer’s partnered up with Parallel 49 Brewing.  Aaron the Chef put together a great dinner cooking each course with one of four Parallel 49 Beer.  Graham With the Brewmaster from Parallel 49 came out to the event to speak about the beer with some help from Jeff Hurkett the Sales manager.

Photo borrowed from

Below is the Menu from the dinner.


The dinner started like many with The Chef Aaron coming out and talking a bit about how he chose each beer for meal and how he cooked it including how he added each beer into the dish.  When Aaron was done Graham With and Jeff Hurkett stood up in front of the group and introduced themselves and what the brewery is all about.

First Course
Watermelon Salad
Fetta, basil, watercress, pine nuts, seed spitter balsamic
Paired with – Seed Spitter Summer Heff

RomersP49-019 RomersP49-022

It is safe to say I have never heard of a watermelon salad but this was very interesting.  All the ingredients came together to make a great flavour and the balsamic dressing made with the Seed Spitter was to die for!  Watermelon with a watermelon beer may seem like to much of one thing but it went very well together.

Second Course
I.P.L. Tempura Halibut
Hand Cut Frieds, I.P.L coleslaw, Tarter
Paired with – Hoparazzi I.P.L (India Pale Lager)

RomersP49-025  RomersP49-026

The batter on the Halibut was to awesome and really complimented my favourite style of fish.  The tarter sauce was homemade and was great.  The fries were salted just right that they did not require anything to eat.  A touch of vinegar never hurts but it didn’t need it at all.  The coleslaw had the India Pale Lager in it and was noticeable.  It added a really nice little kick.  The citrus in the beer paired well with the fish as you would usually squeeze lemon on fish.  The bitterness always goes well with a dish like this.

Third Course
Lamb Ale Tagine
Ras el Hanout, Moroccan cous cous, garbanzo, tumeric yoghurt cream
Paired With – Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

RomersP49-027  RomersP49-029

Lets start with what Ras El Hanout is.  Ras el hanout is a mix of spices from North Africa (usually) and was a mix of the sellers best spices. The Lamb stew was amazing with tons of spices and a great malty backbone.  The apricot and tumeric yogurt topping has some great flavours also.  Cous cous is always tasty and this version was no different.  The gypsy tears ruby ale has a great malt backbone which goes well with stew but the hops went well with the mild spices.

Fourth Course
Canana Pie
Caramel, dehydrated banana, ginger candy cream
Paired with – Banana Hammock Summer Hefeweizen

RomersP49-031  RomersP49-032

This was a very sweet desert!  There sure was banana and caramel in the desert and banana flavour dominates the beer also.  It was very popular with the group although for me it was too sweet.  Sorry Aaron.


Romer’s, Aaron, Graham and Jeff helped put on a great dinner with great food that complimented great beer!  I look forward to seeing what Aaron and Romer’s can create next!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Romber’s Burger Bar Kitsilano

1873 West 4th Ave
Vancouver BC

Parallel 49 Brewing