Sociable Pale Ale – Moody Ales

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From Moody Ales in Port Moody, BC comes their Sociable Pale Ale.

This is a summery looking beer with a honey/copper colour with few visible carbonation bubbles.  The head is a soft white with fine, stiff bubbles.

The nose is a straight forward burst of tropical fruit with underlying resin bitterness.

The flavours reverse on the nose, starting with a great piney burst of bitterness with an underlying tropical fruit notes.

My review makes this sound like an overly simple beer, when what I actually think is this is a beautifully simple beer.  There is nuance in the nose and flavours but they are secondary to the fact that the major flavours of tropical fruit and bitterness are well balanced and are perfect for a patio on a summer day.  I plan to put several cans of this in my fridge in preparation for summer.

One comment on “Sociable Pale Ale – Moody Ales

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