Broke N’ Rode Brewing – 100 Mile House (Closed)

(Closed Indefinitely)

Located in the Caraboo region of BC you will find one of the newest breweries to open in the province. 100 Mile House is now home to Broke N’ Rode Brewing.


When you drive down the main drag in 100 Mile House you will see their sign quite prominent right out front.

The whole brewery tasting room to production floor are all in one large room with only the bar to separate the seating area from the brew house.

The tasting room has a really rustic feel that I quite like.  Lots of wood notes including the bar and seating areas.  They even have a car built into the bar!  I forget the year of the car now sadly but the owners were originally led to believe the building was built in the year of the make of the car so they incorporated it.  Sadly it turned out that the building was built a few years before or after.

To the back right side of the building behind the bar you will located the small brewery.  They have a nice little system with fermenters that are housed inside small chilled rooms.

Broke N’ Rode Brewing


175 Cariboo Highway 97,
100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada
Ph. 250-395-2222




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  1. Mike says:

    Click here to find other BC Breweries

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