BC Brewery Directory

Craft Breweries currently operating in British Columbia.

This list is comprised of every craft brewery open in the province of BC at this current time.  If you see one missing please comment below as this list will be ever growing (hopefully not shrinking). This page is a work in progress and will contain more information in the future. I have decided to leave shadow brands off the list.

Click here to see map of breweries below.

Breweries highlighted in Red are production breweries only (Some temporarily).

Metro Vancouver
33 Acres Brewing – Vancouver (Website)

3 Dogs Brewing – White Rock (Website)

Andina Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Beere Brewing – North Vancouver (Website)

Big Rock Urban – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Black Kettle Brewing – North Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Bomber Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Brassneck Brewery – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Bridge Brewing – North Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Britannia Brewing Company – Richmond (Take a Peek) (Website)

Callister Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

– Morning Star Brewing (Website)

– Night Owl Brewing (Website)

– Real Cask (Website)

Coal Harbour Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Dageraad Brewing – Burnaby (Take a Peek) (Website)

Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers – North Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Doan’s Craft Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)  (Podcast)

Dockside Brewing – Vancouver (Website)

Dogwood Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

– Boombox Brewing  (Website)

East Van Brewing Company – Vancouver (Website)

Factory Brewing – Vancouver (Website)

– Slow Hand Beer Company (Website)

– Smugglers’ Trail Caskworks LTD (Website)

– Two Wolves Brewing Company (Website)

Faculty Brewing – Vancouver (Website) (Take a Peek)

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – Richmond  – (Take a Peek) (Website)

Granville Island Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Green Leaf Brewing – North Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Hearthstone Brewery – North Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Luppolo Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Main Street Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Mariner Brewing – Coquitlam (Website)

Monkey 9 Brewing – Richmond (Website)

Moody Ales – Port Moody (Take a Peek) (Website)

Off The Rail Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Parallel 49 Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

The Parkside Brewery – Port Moody (Take a Peek) (Website)

Pat’s Pub & Brewhouse – Vancouver (Website)

Phantom Beer (Gypsy) – Vancouver (Website)

Postmark Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Powell Street Craft Brewery – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

R&B Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website

Red Truck Beer – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Steel & Oak Brewing – New Westminster (Take a Peek) (Website)

Steamworks Brew pub – Vancouver (Website)

Steamworks Brewery – Burnaby (Take a Peek) (Website)

Storm Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Strange Fellows Brewing – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Strathcona Beer Company – Vancouver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Superflux Brewing (Gypsy) – Vancouver (Website)

Twin Sails Brewing – Port Moody (Take a Peek) (Website)

Yaletown Brewing – Vancouver (Website)

Yellow Dog Brewing – Port Moody (Take a Peek)(Website)

Fraser Valley

Big Ridge Brewing – Surrey (Website)

Canuck Empire Brewing (Gypsy) – Aldergrove (Website)

Central City Brewery – Surrey (Take a Peek) (Website)

Chaos & Solace Craft Brewing – Chilliwack (Take a Peek) (Website)

Dead Frog Brewery – Aldergrove (Take a Peek) (Website)

Field House Brewing – Abbotsford (Take a Peek) (Website)

Foamers’ Folly Brewing – Pitt Meadows (Take a Peek) (Website)

Four Winds Brewery – Delta (Take a Peek) (Website)

KPU Brewing Lab (University Brewery) – Langley (Website) (Podcast Part 1, 2, 3)

Maple Meadows Brewing – Maple Ridge (Take a Peek) (Website)

Mission Springs Brew pub – Mission (Take a Peek) (Website)

Old Abbey Ales – Abbotsford (Take a Peek) (Website)

Old Yale Brewing – Chilliwack (Take a Peek) (Website)

Ravens Brewing – Abbotsford (Take a Peek) (Website)

– Hathi Brewing (Website)

Ridge Brewing Company – Maple Ridge (Take a Peek) (Website)

Russell Brewing – Surrey (Website)

Silver Valley Brewing – Maple Ridge (Take A Peek) (Website)

Trading Post Brewing – Langley (Take a Peek) (Website)

White Rock Beach Beer – White Rock (Take a Peek) (Website)

White Rock Brewing – Surrey (Take a Peek) (Website)

Sea To Sky Corridor
A Frame Brewing Company – Squamish (Take a Peek) (Website)

Backcountry Brewing (Take a Peek) (Website)

Brewhouse High Mountain Brewery – Whistler (Website)

Coast Mountain Brewing –  Whistler (Take a Peek) (Website)

Howe Sound Brewing – Squamish (Take a Peek) (Website)

Whistler Brewing – Whistler (Take a Peek) (Website)

Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast
4 Mile Brew pub – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

Axe & Barrel Brewing Co – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

Bad Dog Brewing – Sooke (Website)

Beach Fire Brewing and Nosh House – Campbell River (Website)

Canoe Brew pub – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

Category 12 Brewing – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

Craig Street Brew pub – Duncan (Website)

Cumberland Brewing – Cumberland (Take a Peek) (Website)

Driftwood Brewery – Victoria (Website)

Førbidden Brewing – Courtenay (Take a Peek) (Website)

Gibsons Tapworks – Gibsons (Take a Peek) (Website)

Gladstone Brewing – Courtenay (Take a Peek) (Website)

Hoyne Brewing – Victoria (Website)

Lighthouse Brewing – Victoria (Website)

Longwood Brewery – Nanaimo (Take a Peek) (Website)

Longwood Brew pub & Restaurant – Nanaimo (Take a Peek) (Website)

Loveshack Libations – Qualicum Beach (Website)

Mayne Island Brewing – Mayne Island (Website)

Moon Under Water Brew pub – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Co – Parksville (Website)

Persephone Brewing – Gibsons (Take a Peek) (Website)

Phillips Brewing – Victoria (Website)

Red Arrow Brewing – Duncan (Website)

Riot Brewing – Chemainus (Website)

Royston Nano Brewery – Gypsy (Website)

Salt Spring Island Ales – Salt Spring Island (Take a Peek) (Website)

Small Block Brewery – Duncan (Website)

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website) (Podcast)

Sooke Brewing Company – Sooke (Website)

Sooke Oceanside Brewery – Sooke (Website)

Swans Brew pub – Victoria (Website)

The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery (Website)

Tofino Brewing – Tofino (Website)

Townsite Brewing – Powell River (Take a Peek) (Website)

Twin City Brewing – Port Alberni (Website)

Vancouver Island Brewery – Victoria (Website)

Victoria Caledonian Brewery and Distillery – Victoria (Take a Peek) (Website)

White Sails Brewing – Nanaimo (Take a Peek) (Website)

Wolf Brewing – Nanaimo ‎(Take a Peek)(Website)

Thompson, Okanagan and Cariboo
Bad Tattoo Brewing – Penticton (Take a Peek) (Website)

Barley Mill Brew pub – Penticton (Website)

Barley Station Brew pub – Salmon Arm (Take a Peek) (Website)

BNA Brewing – Kelowna (Take a Peek) (Website)

Boundary Brewing Co – Kelowna (Website) (Podcast) (Podcast)

Cannery Brewing – Penticton (Take a Peek) (Website)

Crannog Ales – Sorrento (Take a Peek) (Website)

Elevation 57 Brewing – Big White (Website)

Detonate Brewing – Summerland (Website)

Firehall Brewery – Oliver (Take a Peek) (Website)

Freddy’s Brew pub – Kelowna (Website)

Highway 97 Brewery – Penticton (Website)

Iron Road Brewing – Kamloops (Website)

Jackson’s Social Club & Brewhouse – 100 Mile House (Website)

Kettle River Brewing – Kelowna (Take a Peek) (Website) (Podcast)

Kind Brewing – West Kelowna (Website)

Marten Brewing Co (Brewpub) – Vernon (Take a Peek) (Website)

Noble Pig Brewhouse – Kamloops (Take a Peek) (Website)

Red Bird Brewing – Kelowna (Website) (Podcast)

Red Collar Brewing – Kamloops (Take a Peek) (Website)

Tin Whistle Brewing – Penticton (Take a Peek) (Website)

Tree Beer Institute – Kelowna (Take a Peek) (Website)

Tree Brewing – Kelowna (Website)


Angry Hen Brewing – Kaslo (Website)

Arrowhead Brewing – Invermere (Take a Peek) (Website)

Backroads Brewing Company – Nelson (Take a Peek) (Website)

Fernie Brewing – Fernie (Take a Peek) (Website)

Heid Out Restaurant & Brewhouse – Cranbrook (Take a Peek) (Website)

Mt. Begbie Brewing – Revelstoke (Take a Peek) (Website)

Nelson Brewing – Nelson (Take a Peek) (Website)

Over Time Beer Works – Kimberly (Website)

Rossland Beer Co – Rossland (Take a Peek) (Website) (Podcast)

Savoy Brewery – Nelson (Website)

Spencer Hill Cottage Brewery – Grand Forks (Website)

Torchlight Brewing – Nelson (Take a Peek) (Website) (Podcast)

Trail Beer Refinery – Trail (Take a Peek) (Website) (Podcast)

Whitetooth Brewing Golden (Website)

Northern BC
Barkerville Brewing – Quesnel (Take a Peek) (Website)

Beard’s Brewing Co – Fort St John (Website)

Bulkley Valley Brewery – Smithers (Website)

Crossroads Brewing – Prince George (Website)

Sherwood mountain Brewhouse – Terrace (Website)

Three Ranges Brewing – Valemount (Take a Peek) (Website)

Wheelhouse Brewing – Prince Rupert (Website)

Outside Sources for this list include

Craft Beer Revolution – Joe Wiebe


Brewed Awakening (The Province)




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24 comments on “BC Brewery Directory

  1. sjhallson says:

    Wow, that’s an extensive list Mike. Thanks, have only visited two on your list. Time to get busy. 🙂

  2. Frank says:

    Where doe brands like Bowen Island Brewing and Balderdash Brewing fit into the whole craft beer scene? You include Whistler Brewing on your list, all 3 are part of the Northam Beverages company in Vancouver. And what about similar brands like Hells Gate, Cariboo, etc. I enjoy supporting Canadian Craft brewers. I avoid buying anything made by the BIG3 multinational macro brewing companies but it is getting more difficult to know whether a craft beer brand is still a craft beer and not another beer bought up by the BIG3 multinationals. Sometimes I like to buy the cheaper beers as a lower cost alternative to some of the more expensive crafts beers, particularly in the summer months. Opinions on these cheaply priced ‘craft’ beer alternatives?

    • Mike says:

      Whistler Brewing still has a tasting room for one thing they are also making consistently good beer. I don’t add breweries that don’t include breweries that are only a brand in this list so places Like Stanley Park Brewing does not count as it is a brand of Turning Point. I have no problem reviewing their beers though. Hells Gate while it was a brand of Turning Point is a macro clone so I won’t review it. Again Bowen Island is only a brand now it is not a brewery so it does not make this list for me. Cariboo is a brand of Pacific Western Brewing. While they seem to be trying harder they run their business more like a macro brewery even if BC owned.

  3. Chris says:

    Any word on Broke N Rode Brewing in 100 Mile house. Last i saw when i went through 100 Mile they were opening again.

  4. A few updates:
    – Chaos & Sollace in Chilliwack has re-branded to Flashback Brewing: https://flashbackbrewing.ca/
    – Jackson Social Club & Brewhouse appears to be permanently closed: https://www.facebook.com/jacksonssocialclub/
    – Savoy has closed: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/2019/07/07/old-bc-craft-breweries/

  5. Another small correction: Britannia in Richmond is open to the public. It’s not a tasting room, but you can try their beers there, buy cans and fill growlers (unlike the other breweries listed in Red).

    Also, Factory Brewing is now called “Craft Collective Beerworks”.

  6. Ah I didn’t realize those two sites were both yours.

    Should I stop looking at mikecrasftbeer.com and only track pacificbeerchat.com? (It looks like the second one doesn’t have comments enabled though so I won’t be able to report any corrections there.)

    For context, I’m keeping track of all BC craft breweries so that they can be mapped properly in OpenStreetMap: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/BC_Craft_Breweries

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