Mariner Brewing (Construction Begins) – Coquitlam

Coquitlam is finally getting its own brewery!  The city might have dragged its heals compared to most of Metro Vancouver but they have finally lifted the red tape and made it possible to open a brewery.

Mariner Brewing is located just off of Barnet Highway close to Coquitlam Centre and not far from Port Moody’s Brewers Row!

From the middle of the brewery looking towards the front you can see where the tasting room will be located.  The slab portion cut out should be at the bar area.  At the location of both of those windows there will be a roll up door to the parking area.

Turning around from the spot I was standing in the future location of the cooler you can see the area that will house the brewery itself.  On the right side against the demising wall you will find the brew house.  On the Left side you will find the Tank farm.

This photo is taken from the very back of the brewery.  I am standing between where the brew house and tanks will be located.  Where the little trailer is located will be the cooler.  Then beyond the trenching is the tasting room.

I am really looking forward to this brewery opening up!  I will do my best to write about every step of their construction.

Mariner Brewing



Red Truck Beer launches craft beer floats and new menu items at The Truck Stop Diner

I was recently invited out to Red Truck Beer in Vancouver with some other media members to check out some of their new menu Items.

redtruckmenu17-002 redtruckmenu17-005

I have a bad habit of always being early to events and this was no different so I sampled their new Dry Nibbed Stout.  While I didn’t take any notes on this beer I did quite enjoy it and it was probably my favourite of the ones I sampled.

Once the small group was rounded up we were taken on a short tour of the brewery.  I was less interested in the technical side of the brewery as I have both done the tour and also know more about the brewing process than the rest of the group.  I took the chance to take more photos.

Once the tour was done we headed up to a private room that can be rented for events to taste some of their beer and their new food.

They started the tasting off with their 3 core beer and one winter seasonal.  The beers were 1st the Lager, 3rd the Ale and 4th the IPA that rounded out their core lineup and 2nd their Pilsner their winter seasonal.  Their mandate is to make flavourful but accessible beers.  While I am not a big drinker of Lagers and Pilsners personally there is not doubt that they are making their mandate with well crafted easy drinking beers.

The new food includes their new Fish Sandwich that is battered and has fried tortilla’s making it almost a fish and chips sandwich.  The next sample was a pulled pork sandwich that had nice ranch slaw on it.  Next up was the pulled pork tacos a great tasting treat.  The last thing we were able to sample was the bone out dry ribs.  They were great with the spicy sauce they were served with.  Even though I expected to like one of the pork dishes the best for me it was the Fish Sandwich that really hit the spot.  It had everything you would want in a sandwich and more.  Not to say anything bad about the other options as there were all really tasty and I would love to eat more of all of them.

Now they were not done with the great samples.  The next thing they brought us was a sample of their brand new beer floats.  This one used their Blackberry Bourbon Ale and some really tasty ice cream.  They also gave us a sample of the Blackberry Bourbon Ale without ice cream to compare.  Personally I cant wait to get back and try a full sized beer float!  This little sample was to die for. 

Now while we where up in a private room for this tasting the Truck Stop Diner got really busy and shows just how popular a spot this is to hang out.  They also have a growler bar and off sales location at the front door.  If you have not made it out to Red Truck Beer yet what are you waiting for?

Dageraad Brewing (Expansion Continues) – Burnaby BC

Things are slowly coming along with the expansion of Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby.  The following photos are of the expansion.

The first photo is looking back towards the brewing space from the current tasting room.  At the far back right there used to be a cooler that has now been removed to make more room on the brewery side as it has been moved into the new unit next door.  The second photo is of the finished floor at the new bar location.  It is all ready for the bar to be built.  The last two photos are of the mezzanine that has been upgraded and seems to be ready to have the drywall and finishing touches added.  Things should start picking up here now.

Hopefully next time I write there will be more to share but I thought it worth sharing that things are moving along.

Dageraad Brewing
#114 3191 Thunderbird Crescent
604 420 2050
Burnaby BC
V5A 3G1

Field House Brewing – Abbotsford

Field House Brewing has been open for almost one year and I thought it was high time I wrote something about the brewery.


Field House Brewing must be the most Cabin like brewery that I have been to.  Now I am not saying it is all that rustic more like a cabin in a Ski resort but its a great feel.  From the Antlers above the taps to the wood burning fireplace you really feel welcome in this space.  On top of coming in for a beer or a growler fill they also sell their beers in 750ml bottles.

Walking back into the brewery itself you will find a cramped space that has been well utilized.  They have a 15 barrel 2 vessel brew house made by Newlands.  They have 6-15 Barrel fermenters, 2-20 Hectoleter fermenters with 1-30 barrel brite tank and 1-15 barrel brite to round it out.  They even have a coolship to play with but unfortunately I did not get a photo of it.

If you live within driving distance and you have not check out this brewery yet I’m not sure what you are waiting for.


Field House Brewing
604-776-BREW (2739)

Rossland Beer Company update – Rossland BC

Recently Rossland Beer Company in the town of Rossland in the Southern Kootenays contacted me because things have really changed since the last time I stopped in back in 2014.  I thought I better do an update for the brewery because of this.  All photos from this post come from Rossland Beer Company‘s social media accounts.

When I had stopped in the brewery was only a tasting room with a maximum of 12oz per person per day.  Now they have a full lounge license with a capacity of 30 people, have expanded the main floor and even have a patio.  The brewery has become one of the major gathering places in the town.  They do bring in a lot of tourists in all season but the people who call this brewery their own are fiercely local and treat the brewery the same way the old barber shops were treated.  The local hangout!

The brewery is still visible from the tasting lounge as you can look down into it over a railing.  The brewhouse has not changed and is the original brewing equipment from the first location for Bridge Brewing Company in North Vancouver.  They have 3 – 7 barrel fermentors and 1 5 barrel bright tank.  The produce 50 Hectoliters a month but are in the process of trying to acquire more equipment to expand that brewing capacity to at least 100 Hectoliters per month.

If you find yourself in the Kootenays in South Eastern BC then you need to make sure to check out this great little brewery.

Check out my original post about Rossland Beer Company.

Rossland Beer Company
1990 Columbia Ave
Rossland BC, Canada
V0G 1Y0