Luppolo Brewing (Pre-Construction update) – Vancouver

Vancouver has a new brewery in the works. Its named Luppolo Brewing and will be run by two couples Ryan Parfitt and Eleanor Stewart, and Federico Stucchi and Anique Ross.


They are currently waiting for their building permits and as such can not start the construction phase as of yet.  This does not mean that they are not working hard.  Currently  they are brewing up test batches of beer to perfect their recipes.

They already have a proposed floor plan and I was able to take a look at it.  The photos below are of the brewery space.

The first photo is the front entrance and the retail space of the brewery.  The wall with the ribbon will be taken out to extend the retail area.  The second photo is of the area that will house their 850 square foot lounge tasting room.  The third photo shows where the tank farm will be located.  The far right of the photo is where the cold storage will be located.  Photo 4 is a look from the retail space looking out to the lounge on the left hand side, cold storage in the middle and brew house on the right side.

I am looking forward to this brewery opening this Summer.

Full sized photos can be found here.

Luppolo Brewing Venables Street
Vancouver, BC


2 comments on “Luppolo Brewing (Pre-Construction update) – Vancouver

  1. […] If you follow social media you will know that Luppolo Brewing has received their building permits and have begun building their brewery finally. Demolition of the space is already done and it is looking very different inside. I stopped in to check out their progress and happened to arrive the day before they poured the new slab for the production area of the brewery. I thought I might as well give a sneak peak to the readership at how different it is looking now. Check out what it looked like my previous visit here.  […]

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