Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #3) – East Vancouver

I have been very busy with work recently so I have not been able to make it back to the brewery since early June.  Things are really starting to take shape with the cooler and tasting room.  It looks like the electricians are getting busy wiring up the brewery currently.  It was good to see that Aaron and Iain were not actually doing the framing while I was there like they did with the rebar.   Probably does not mean they are any less busy but it is backbreaking work on top of the other hard work they are doing getting everything ready.

It looks like construction has really ramped up at the brewery.  I can’t wait until the brew house itself starts to arrive.

Full sized photos can be found here

If you want to keep up with their construction keep it locked here.  If you want even more coverage check out the breweries Web Cam, blog, instagram for the latest info!


8 comments on “Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #3) – East Vancouver

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for your update and sorry we weren’t there, as always Mike you are welcome in our space anytime.

  2. locuswest says:

    Reblogged this on I'm Starting A Craft Brewery and commented:
    Here is a great little write up from one of our biggest supporters. Thanks for the great article Mike and I look forward to sharing a beer with you in our tasting room in the near future.

  3. Hold up, I’ve been away for awhile and kind of out of the loop. But it sounds to me like you and your buds are establishing your own brewery!

    • Not me. I just have been given awesome access. Iain Hill ex brewmaster of Yaletown Brewing and Aaron who has lots of experience in sales are the guys setting up the brewery. It’s only two months from opening now.

  4. I have worked at the relationship. The most exciting part is the sour program!

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