Red Collar Brewing – Kamloops

The weather was changing for the worse on our road trip but things were looking up as we were in Kamloops the home of Red Collar Brewing.


Not knowing Kamloops in the slightest I will have to assume that the brewery is located in the downtown core as that is the vibe that I got (correct me if I am wrong).  They have a very large tasting lounge that serves glasses of beer, sampler trays and even food.  Also don’t forget that they fill growlers and sell bombers of their beer.  Consistent with so many breweries in BC the finishes in the tasting lounge were of wood.  Only makes sense in a Province that does so much logging.  I always enjoy the touch of being able to see into the brewery from the tasting lounge as it gives a connection between the production and consumption of the product.  They also have a great patio to the side of the building.

After having my samples I was able to get a tour of the brewery.  The brewhouse and the fermentors are separated on two different sides of the building which is quite different than most breweries.  Between both rooms stood the cooler where the Brite tanks and kegged product was stored.  Regardless of locations of their brewhouse and tanks one thing is certain they produce some really good beer!

It may get a bit harder to find their beer in Metro Vancouver as they are no longer able to keep up with the demand locally in Kamloops and the surrounding areas.  They are happily surprised at how the demand has grown so drastically recently.  If you can no longer find it on your local stores shelves then it may be time to take a drive up to Kamloops!  The Okanagan is never a bad place to be in the summer so make some plans to go visit the brewery.

Red Collar Brewing
355 Lansdowne Street
Kamloops, BC

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