Amber the Tart – Strange Fellows Brewing

From Strange Fellows Brewing Company in East Vancouver comes their “Amber the Tart” a baby Oud Bruin as brewmaster Iain Hill calls it.  The beer pours a deep amber colour with almost no head.  The aroma consists of funky tartness, sweetness and some good fruity backbone.  The flavour kicks in with lots of funky tartness, apples, I mild sweetness and fruit with some berries.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.5%.  If you are a fan of sour beer then you really need to head over to Strange Fellows asap to try this!

Commercial Description:  Oh Amber she’s such a Tart! She may look sweet but she has a sour side, in typical fashion she is fun and a bit of a flirt, you cant miss her when she walks into a room just think twice before bringing her home to meet the folks. Amber is quite fruity and a bit bracing with flavours of ripe apple and apple cider with touch of biscuity maltness. She is kind of like a baby Oud Bruin…but don’t call her baby she packs a good punch. 

Food pairing as per brewery:  Marinated fish or meat, salads dressed in a vinaigrette and blue or camembert cheeses.

amber the tart strange fellows

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