Glacial Mammoth Extinction – Storm Brewing (Unaged)

Limited Edition

From one of my favourite mad scientists James from Storm Brewing in East Vancouver comes  his “Glacial Mammoth Extinction”.  This is a 30% alcohol flanders red ale that was released for the Alibi Room‘s #500 tap list.  This is a beer that is brewed to a high alcohol content and then freeze distilled to remove water and increase alcohol content.  A large portion of this beer has now been transferred into barrels for long term aging!  The beer was only poured in 1oz tasters  as it is meant to be sipped in small amounts more like a fine whiskey than a beer.  The beer pours a ruby red colour with a small off white head.  The aroma consists of sour and tartness with some cherries, dark fruits and a very mild boozy aroma.  The flavour is surprisingly not as big as you would expect but consists of sour and tart notes with cherries, berries, dark fruits, fruit juice and a very mild alcohol warmth.  This beer may have an alcohol content at a soaring 30% but it does not taste any more boozy than maybe a 10% alcohol Imperial.  This is one of the best crafted sour ales that I have ever had and I look forward to the aged edition in a year or three!

Description from Alibi Room’s #500 Tap List:  Holy shit, ready for this??  Storm Brewing “Glacial Mammoth Extinction”.  WTF is that?  We here your cry.  Well, it’s a “freezed distilled sour”.  It’s 30% A.B.V.!  And will be served 1oz at a time for $5.00 (tell @knightafter if he wants a 20oz sleeve of it, to just let us know.  It will probably shut him up… forever)

storm glacial mammoth exrinction IMG_20140310_200535

9 comments on “Glacial Mammoth Extinction – Storm Brewing (Unaged)

  1. impossibrew says:

    We’ve already spoken about my desire to try this beer, but I reiterate… Waaaaaaant!

    James is such a great brewer. Big, big props to Storm for everything they do.

  2. Agreed, it was a great sipper! But that didn’t stop the group sitting next to me from downing the whole thing like a shot! What a waste!

  3. That is totally unfortunate.

  4. knightafter says:

    I had 4 , tasty but i doubt it’s actually 30% , more like 25 I had

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