Old Yale Brewing – Chilliwack BC (Old Location)

Old Yale Brewing has moved.  Click here to find out where.

Old Yale Brewing in Chilliwack BC is in the middle of a big expansion.  After being purchased by new owners they ordered new tanks to drastically increase their capacity.  Very soon after that they won best beer in Canada for their Sasquatch Stout.  When you win an award like this it is a good to have an increased capacity!  Here are some photos inside the brewery itself.


Their tasting room has gone through some changes also.  They have bombers and growlers on display on a display rack.  Above the rack you will find their beer menu.  They also have a cooler with their bombers chilled if you want to purchase any.  It is also good to note that they also have a growler filler that uses CO2 to fill growlers.  This means that you can purchase a growler and save it for a different day.

Old Yale Brewing is increasing their capacity and expanding their reach.  Their lineup may be changing looks and names but it is the same great taste.  They even have some things up their sleeve for the future.  Pick up one of their bombers or head out to Chilliwack and see what is going on.

Here are my full sized photos from my visit.

Old Yale Brewing
7965 Venture Place #4
Chilliwack BC

3 comments on “Old Yale Brewing – Chilliwack BC (Old Location)

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  2. […] Yale Brewing is no longer located just off Highway 1 on Venture Place in Chilliwack (click here for old location).  Not only have they moved but the new locations storage area is as large as the entire old […]

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