Rare Flemish Stout 2015 – Wild Rose Brewery

From Calgary Alberta’s Wild Rose Brewery comes their “Rare Flemish Stout 2015” a beer aged in wine barrels for 6 months. The beer pours a black colour with a brown head. The aroma consists of tartness, cherries, raspberries, roasted malts and some chocolate. The flavour is of Raspberry, cherry, chocolate, roasted malts, oak and some earth.   The alcohol content comes in at 6.2% with an IBU of 40. While not the best example of a sour stout this is well worth giving a try if you can find it. I wish it was a bit more tart.

Commercial Description:  Flemish Stout is a rich, complex stout that has spent 6 months in wine barrels to bring out a host of funky aromas and flavours. The addition of cherries and raspberries, lends another layer of flavour to this brew. Roasty, tart and full-bodied, this is a beer deserving to be savoured on a cold evening in front of a fire or with good friends.


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