Cannery Brewing Company (Old Location) – Penticton BC

Hanging out in the Okanagan for the Canada Day long weekend I thought it would be a great idea to hit up Penticton as there are a few great breweries there and I had also never been there.  I contacted Cannery Brewing to find out that they were closed on Canada Day Monday much to my dismay.  After a few messages back and forth though I was told that Ian would be at the brewery and I could stop by.  When I arrived I was greeted by Ian at the front door and we headed to the retail space for a few tastings.  With a few samples down we headed into the brewery to take the tour.  We started in the grain loft as it was already brutally hot up there (it was mid to high 30C!!!)  and were shown the different malts used.  We then moved down to the brewing level where I was shown all the new fermentors as well as the original brewing system that the brewery was founded on.  We then moved into the cooler were their older tanks are held as well as their kegs (they were a little low on kegs as everyone wanted lots of their beer for the long weekend).  After the great tour we headed back into the retail space for a bunch more samples.   By the end of the time at the brewery I had sampled most of the beers they currently have including Paddles Up Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Anarchist Amber Ale, Naramata Nut Brown, Blackberry Porter, Lakeboat Lager and the Apricot Wheat Ale (I could be wrong as I drove from Penticton to Vancouver after this with no notes).  I was also fortunate to meet Ron and Patt the owners of the brewery and parents to Ian.  This is a great family run operation with some great beer being produced!

Before  I left I had to pick up a shirt and some beer for future reviews.  It only seemed like the sane thing to do.  So the next time you end up in Penticton make sure to stop by the brewery to pick up some beer in either cans, bottles or a 8.5L party pig mini keg!  If you don’t have a reason to pass through Penticton it is high time you make a reason. Cannery Brewing Company 112-1475 Fairview Road Penticton, BC V2A 7W5 250-493-2723


6 comments on “Cannery Brewing Company (Old Location) – Penticton BC

  1. Thanks so much Mike for visiting our brewery yesterday. Ian had a great time giving you a tour and enjoyed your time together. Hope to see you again. Cheers!!

    • I hope to stop in again next time I am in the Okanagan to pick up a Party Pig! They look like a ton of fun! It was great to meet some of the team there as they are friendly and engaging people!

  2. dustansept says:

    Always great to have a bottle of the Wildfire. Great tour photos!

  3. […] outgrown this space and needed a new space to fill.  If you had read my brewery tour post from July 2013 you will also know another issue that this brewery fought yearly.  The old space had awful […]

  4. […] If you had ever seen the original location of the brewery you would know that it was cramped (Click here).  The new purpose built location is cavernous with a ton of room for expansion.  This is a good […]

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